Google will now allow developers to build apps that work on all devices

Technology giant Google is making it easier for developers to build apps that work on Android and non-Android devices. It has announced a new cross-device software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to create rich multi-device experiences with a simple and intuitive set of APIs.

The Cross Device software is available with a developer preview for Android phones and tablets. It is compatible up to Android 8 version. The software will come later for Android Surface and non-Android operating systems.

According to GoogleThe cross-device SDK will allow software developers to work differently with their apps. Firstly, such apps will be able to search for nearby devices. Second, they will be able to establish secure connections between devices. Google says the SDK software uses WiFi, Bluetooth and ultra-wideband to provide multi-device connectivity.

“The Cross Device SDK provides a software abstraction layer that handles all aspects of cross-device connectivity, leveraging wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ultra-wide bands,” Google’s post reads.

Listing multiple use cases of apps that work on all devices, Google says the app will enable users to

– Discovering and authorizing communication with nearby devices.

– Sharing the current status of an app to another device with the same app.

– Starting app on secondary device without keeping app running in background.

– Establishing secure connections for devices to communicate with each other.

– Enabling Task Handoff where the user initiates a task on one device, and can easily continue on another device.

“This SDK allows you to focus on what matters most – creating enjoyable user experiences and connecting these experiences across a wide variety of factors and platforms,” ​​Google said. “In addition, apps will not have to declare or request runtime permissions for connectivity protocols, and the user can allow apps to connect only to the device they choose,” it adds.

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