Google brings this useful shortcut to its video calling platform

Google is rolling out a new shortcut for the Google Meet app that will make it easier for users to unmute themselves on a video call. The tech giant is adding the ability to unmute using the spacebar. Yes, you read it right. Now you can unmute yourself in a video call by simply pressing and holding the spacebar. Releasing the spacebar will mute you again.

Google announced via a blog post, “To quickly unmute yourself during a meeting, you can now hold down the spacebar to unmute, then release the spacebar to return to the mute state.” Huh.”

New shortcut will be helpful in this google meetGiven that the pandemic is not over yet and video calls are here to stay.

The post mentioned, “We hope this will make it even easier for you to participate in your meeting by simply unmuting something to say.” In the blogpost, Google says that the feature will also help in situations where you forget to mute again after unmute yourself. ,

Mute and unmute has been a great skill to have during a video call. At some point or another, we all have forgotten to unmute ourselves before speaking or mute again after speaking. Needless to say, because of this many strange things have come to the fore on the internet.

When will the feature roll out?

It is written in a Google blog post that this feature will be rolled out to users from September 9. It will be off for all users by default. Those interested can enable it in Google Meet settings.

Who will get this facility?

Google says the new shortcut will be available to all Google Workspace customers. Individual Google Account users across all web browsers will also be eligible for the new feature.

“Workspace is available to all customers and users with personal Google accounts on all web browsers,” the post said.

Meanwhile, Google has changed how “Hey Google” voice control works for Google Meet hardware devices. The company has released an update after which Google Assistant will be activated only if no device is in the meeting and within 10 minutes of the upcoming meeting. ,

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